If you’ve ever used a public adjuster or know someone who has you know how beneficial they can be to policyholders when they’re trying to file a claim and get reimbursed for damages. This may be why you’ve thought about getting your adjuster license. Before you do that it’s important to understand exactly what a public adjuster does and the process involved in getting the license. Once you’ve completed the licensure process, you can get a job working for companies like Mutual Claims Services in Miami. Becoming a public adjuster Miami can be a good career option considering the number of large claims that are processed due to the severe weather of the area.


Getting An Adjuster License

Before deciding to follow the path of becoming a public adjuster Miami it’s important to understand what exactly they do and what is involved with getting your license.


Public adjusters are an additional resource for policyholders to ensure they get the best results from their insurance claims. Individuals and businesses have insurance policies to help protect them against the possible damages that can occur. Now it’s important not to mix up an insurance adjuster and public adjuster. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to manage a claim and make sure that the insurance provider does not overpay for the damage. On the other hand, the public adjuster is completely on the side of the policyholder. It is their job to make sure that the holder receives everything they deserve and don’t end up losing out. They help to make sure that the full benefits of the policy are paid out and any roadblocks to payments are quickly removed. A public adjuster will usually only work on claims that are $10,000 or larger because the policyholder is the ones who pay them directly.


Becoming a public adjuster is fairly easy. The only uniform requirement is that you need to have at least have a high school diploma or GED. However, the most successful adjusters get their bachelors degree as well. Also, most people who become a public adjuster have worked for an insurance company in the past.


  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree: Typically companies like to hire candidates that have a college degree. The degree can be in any field you choose, but if you have a specific industry in mind, it’s helpful to select a concentration related to that. Another reason to get an undergraduate degree is clients tend to have more confidence in public adjusters who have one. Since most public adjusters are self-employed, it’s important to build customer confidence and relationships through things like this.


  • Check state requirements: Licensing requirements change from state to state. Because of this make sure you check over the guidelines for the state or states you want to practice in.


  • Get experience as an insurance adjuster: Public adjuster do a lot of the same work that insurance adjuster do just on the opposite side so getting some experience working for an insurance provider could make you more of an expert in the field.


  • Get your license: If your target state requires a license, this would be the point to start doing prerequisites for that. Some of the requirements may be course work, professional experience, passing an exam, or a combination.


  • Get a Senior Professional Public Adjuster Certification: this program is designed to provide adjusters with the technical knowledge needed to be a successful public adjuster. To be in this program candidates have to complete four foundation courses and pass an ethics exam.


  • Join Local and National Organizations: Joining professional organizations for public adjusters is a great way to network and grow your knowledge of the field.


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