Why You Should Never Wait To File Your Water Damage Claim – Call Us!

Why You Should Never Wait To File Your Water Damage Claim – Call Us!

Flooding and water can cause massive amounts of damage to your property when compared to other causes of loss. Moreover, insurance claims for water damage can be some of the most complicated when it comes to figuring out  whether or not coverage applies or the amount of damage to your property that is covered. Certain types of water damage are excluded by the majority of insurance policies, and there are specific exclusions in the policies when it comes to water damage. For example, “wind-driven rain” may be excluded from coverage while other types of water damage are covered. Hurricanes and floods may be deemed as exclusions in certain insurance policies as “Acts of God,” and flood damage that is a result of water coming in from outside the insured property is generally only covered with flood insurance. If water damage affects your house and you file a water damage insurance claim, you may want to hire a public adjuster such as Mutual Claims Services in order to get the compensation you deserve. When it comes to water damage Miami residents may be all too familiar. Call us today for a consultation!


What To Know About Water Damage Insurance


The National Flood Insurance Program handles flood insurance coverage in the United States, and it is a federal program which is managed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). For flood insurance with stipulations (i.e “two or more acres, or two or more properties must be inundated with water to be considered a flood”) flood damage claims can become even more convoluted. There is also a clear distinction between mudslides and mudflow and what exactly is covered under flood insurance, and further stipulations regarding that portion. There are many complications when it comes to filing an insurance claim in order to get fairly compensated for the damage that you have paid premiums to insure against. This is why it’s so crucial for a victim of the water damage Miami residents are often hit with to file an insurance claim right away.


Tips For Your Water Damage Insurance Claim


It’s always a good idea to be proactive and be prepared for accidents and natural disasters. This is why homeowners purchase insurance for natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding. Unfortunately in areas such as coastal Florida, hurricanes are becoming more frequent and powerful due to increasingly warmer temperatures. These storms are bringing large amounts of heavy rain, flash flooding, and wind damage. As massive amounts of damage can occur from hurricanes and tropical storms, determining insurance coverage as wella s the causes of damage and dealing with the insurance claims process can be an extremely complicated process. This is why a public adjuster such as Mutual Claims Services can help you negotiate with your insurer and guide you through the complicated process.


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It is important to jump into action following water damage in order to be compensated correctly and in a timely fashion. This is why you should not waste time and immediately file a water damage insurance claim if your property has suffered the water damage Miami residents can be prone to. If you’re looking for a public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim, call Mutual Claims Services today for a consultation!

Our Professional Use Thermal Imaging To Help You Obtain The Most For Your Claim

Our Professional Use Thermal Imaging To Help You Obtain The Most For Your Claim

Water damage insurance claims can be instigated from a variety of courses. Whether it’s roof leaks allowing the Miami rain inside or broken pipes, flood damage, bathroom or kitchen leaks, the effects of water damage could take a long to be visibly present. If the long-term damage is unknown it could delay your claim and even affect your final payout. Mutual Claims Services uses thermal imaging to dive beyond what the human eye can see to get you fast information on your property damage claim.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Every object has a “thermal condition.” This is infrared light that radiates from an object caused by heat, or lack thereof, within the object  Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but infrared thermography uses this thermal condition to create an image humans can see. A specialty camera is used to generate a picture of an object’s heat radiation. Essentially, infrared thermography can create a thermal image used to see what our human eye cannot. This image is called a thermogram, or thermograph, and can be used to strengthen your water damage insurance claim.

Using Thermal Imaging for Your Water Damage Insurance Claim

Infrared thermography can “see” water damage before a human eye can. The temperature difference created by the presence of moisture on the inside surface of a wall will appear differently than the surrounding area. Damage under the surface caused by moisture can now be visible. The experts at Mutual Claims Services use this technology to ensure you are adequately compensated for your claim.

When Infrared Thermography Should be Completed

Property owners or their insurers should use infrared thermography under the following circumstances:

  • After any water damage. Water damage could be caused by roof leaks or roof damage from hurricanes, flood, broken water lines or pipes, bathroom or kitchen leaks, and a variety of other circumstances that may cause moisture.
  • Before warranty expiration on new construction.
  • When finish materials cover walls, and the inspector cannot give a definitive answer on moisture issues.
  • When suspected plumbing leaks have occurred from in-slab water supply and waste lines.
  • When doors, windows, or other openings in the building are leaking, or even suspected of leaking.
  • To determine the adequacy of insulation. Wet insulation is a poor insulator but is a great conductor of heat.
  • Infrared inspection of the roof can determine the potential for clogged drains and water retention that may cause roof damage and leaks.
  • Locating hidden leakage and dampness under flooring.
  • Locating wet areas in non-accessible crawlspaces.

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Every homeowner has the risk of water damage from an unexpected event. Here in Miami, that risk is even higher due to our frequent tropical weather conditions. When you file a water damage claim with your insurance company, you may not be compensated correctly or promptly if you can’t show the full extent of the damage your property incurred. Mutual Claims Services will use thermal imaging on your property to ensure your claim gets the attention it deserves. Contact us today.

Will Insurance Pay For Your Slab Leak?

Will Insurance Pay For Your Slab Leak?

Are you the victim of a slab leak? While this term is common, it is commonly misconstrued. In most cases, this is where water appears on a building’s slab, which is the concrete on the ground level. The leak is either in plumbing inside or below the slab. This results in water entering from the building’s exterior. Once the water appears on the surface of the slab, it may have already consumed considerably larger damages. Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers the damage depends on many factors. Here at Mutual Claims Services, we are here to ensure you get the coverage you deserve. We know how to get you money for water damage Miami.


Some Claims That Are Not Usually Accepted

Do you currently live in an area that is prone to flooding? This is quite common living in cities near the coast of Florida. Because of this water may appear on your slab due to the result of general area flooding. If you have flood insurance perfect! The flood insurance covers the repair, and you are able to claim on that policy. The same can not be said if you don’t have flood insurance. Your insurance company will likely reject a claim on your homeowner’s policy for water damage that results from flooding, even if you live in low-risk areas where the insurance for flood is not required.


Claims That Are Accepted For A Slab Leak

What happens if you have plumbing running under or through your building’s slab and it randomly bursts? In many cases your homeowner’s insurance will cover repairs associated with the water damage. It may or may not include the cost of the plumbing repair, though. An insurance company may consider a leaking pipe as ordinary wear and tear. This is even if they pay for the resulting damage. You are sometimes still responsible for the plumbing. For more assistance on any confusion you may have, reach out to our professionals on water damage Miami.


Is It Bad Luck or Negligence?

Even if you are a responsible homeowner who maintains your residence and promptly repairs any of the building’s mechanical or plumbing services, pipes may still burst, and water damage may occur. If, however, you aren’t diligent about keeping your building in good repair, your insurance company may be less sympathetic when you file a claim for water damage. If, for example, you’ve noticed that water has appeared on the surface of the slab for some time and have just mopped it up until recently, when cracks appeared in that area of the slab, your insurance company may reject your claim entirely. The damage, it may argue, is either entirely or largely the result of your negligence.


You Must Up Your Chances

The second you notice a leak on your slab, file immediately. It is better to be early even if you are not sure that any actual damage has occurred. Your plumber may subsequently discover that a burst pipe has already weakened a section of structural slab, necessitating an expensive repair. If you are not sure where the water is coming from, but it does not appear to be the result of external flooding, note that on your claim flood damage is not covered by your homeowner’s policy.


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When it comes to dealing with slab leak, we are experts with aiding individuals to get compensation for water damage Miami. Mutual Claims Services is here for you. Call us today for more information.

Have Water Damage? Things to Document For Your Public Adjuster

Have Water Damage? Things to Document For Your Public Adjuster

Living in Florida, especially Miami, it seems as though our homes are constantly threatened by flood and water damage. It seems more common if your home resides near a beach. Every summer there is a slight chance that a hurricane will strike landfill and cause destruction that leads to water damage. Confused on what to document? Don’t worry. We are here to help clear the homeowners insurance claims process. We are Mutual Claims Services, located in Miami.  

Now What?

Dealing with a flood or other disaster is already stressful enough. Your property and assets are destroyed, and you haven’t even thought about your finances yet. What you need to do in order to make this process easier is straightforward. Document and file. In order to successfully make a claim for property damage with your insurer, you need to follow these steps.   Getting a legal pad is helpful. You are going to need it. You need to keep track of literally everything. Everything. If there is something that you feel is not important. But maybe there is a slight chance it may become relevant, document it. You never know. Keep track of every conversation and activity that relates to the claim. Also, remember to keep it chronological order. Notate the date of the damage, the time, what happened, what was damaged, and other relevant details.   You must make detailed notes of every single phone conversation, especially the conversations you have with the insurance company adjusters. This includes appointments with adjusters, contractors, etc. Basically, write down every time you speak to anyone relating to the loss. Do not forget to record what has been damaged or destroyed.  

What Else Do I Need To Do – Homeowners Insurance Claims Process

Property damage insurance claims usually can be broken down into two main areas: structural damage and damage to personal property. Because of this you most people have a hard time detailing structural damage. This is why it is important to take pictures or videos. This can be very traumatic and hard at times. Some may think it is quite overwhelming. Take it one step at a time.   To sum up how to document your damage and keep your claim running smoothly:

  • Take notes of every conversation you have with every person related to the claim in any way
  • Keep every claim related document, in order
  • Understand what each document is for and what it means
  • Have a list of everything that’s missing or damaged

Now, when your insurance adjuster asks you to prove your claim to them, you can make it all but impossible for them to do anything, but pay your claim promptly and fully. And if they don’t, you have everything you need to take matters to the next level, whatever that may be.  

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We have all the homeowners insurance claims process information you need to get the money to cover all your losses. Trust us to get you the water damage insurance claim you deserve. Call or visit Mutual Claims Services today.

Top 3 Household Items Covered by Flood Insurance

Top 3 Household Items Covered by Flood Insurance

In the coastal state of Florida, floods are an unfortunate but common occurrence which can devastate your home. This is why a solid, comprehensive insurance policy which covers natural disasters such as floods is so important.  Consider this- out of the millions of Florida homes that have at some point sustained damage from flooding, only a small amount have insurance policies specific to flooding! When it comes to hurricane-prone areas such as coastal Florida especially, many homeowners insurance policies do not have flood coverage for victims of flooding damage. Water damage caused by weather and other external forces is only covered by policies specific to flooding and water damage Miami resident are prone towards. It’s important to be informed regarding your insurance policies, even in places that are not prone to flooding, as water damage can and does often occur. For example, burst pipes and melting snowfall can flood your basement and damage furniture. If you are looking for a public adjuster, call Mutual Claims Services today!


What Exactly is Covered?


There are many things that are covered by flood insurance, but there are 3 items in particular which are covered that are extremely important and are top reasons that you should review your insurance policy regarding what exactly is covered in terms of flooding damage. This is an important act for all homeowners, even in non-coastal areas. Think about if a water main breaks in your neighborhood. Areas that are heavily paved ends up having fewer places for the water to run off and be absorbed by, and thus spring rains can cause overflow that enters and can damage homes. However, insurance policies don’t cover all flood damage in your home, and this is why it’s important to review your insurance policy and make sure that you know what exactly you can count on. When it comes to navigating water damage Miami residents are all too familiar with, Mutual Claims Services can help.


Important Things  Flood Insurance Usually Covers


The first thing that is generally covered by insurance policies are essential systems in the home. Electrical and plumbing systems, furnaces, water heaters, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and sump pumps are all included under essential systems in the home. These systems also includes cisterns and the water in them, fuel tanks and the fuel in them, solar energy equipment, water tanks, and pumps. Another major part of the home that can be very costly without insurance, but that most insurance policies specific to flooding will help compensate for are major kitchen appliances. This includes built-in appliances washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers as well as refrigerators and ranges. Portable window air conditions, freezers and the value of the food that was stored are covered as well. Carpeting and window treatments that are permanently installed over unfinished flooring as well as any other kinds of carpets over wooden floors are generally covered by your policy. This also includes any window blinds and curtains.


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Flood insurance is an important part of protecting your home, especially from water damage Miami homeowners often need to deal with. Mutual Claims Services is a top public adjuster in the Miami area. Call us today for a consultation and get the compensation you deserve!

Estimating Water Damage with Insurance Adjusters

Estimating Water Damage with Insurance Adjusters

Let’s be honest, water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare and undetected leaks can lead to costly damage in the future. Even the best building materials can deteriorate over time and unseen pipes below the house can burst, leading to slab leaks and a sliding foundation. Mutual Claims Services in Miami offers insurance claim help for fire, hail, flood, mold, vandalism, collapse, theft, business interruption, leaks, lightening, windstorm damage, slab leak, sinkhole, fallen trees, water damage and more.

Unnoticed Leaks

Slab leaks are a particularly devastating occurrence that can lead to costly repairs for your plumbing, flooding, and possible shifting foundation damage if a water leak goes unnoticed. Temperature changes and weather conditions can cause your building materials to become brittle and crack over time and might require you to file a water damage insurance claim down the line. Deterioration is the most common reason behind water issues near chimneys, shingles, tiles, skylights or vents. Visually checking and sealing those edges is one way to prevent damage down the line.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage Claims

Certified Public Adjusters work at certain roofing companies and are there to assist clients with their insurance claims, documents, and repairs. Review your insurance policy to gather your policy number, check your specific coverage, and estimate your personal deductible before you file. A water damage insurance claim can include roof leaks, floods, AC leaks, water heater leaks, kitchen leaks, dishwasher leaks, and bathroom, broken pipes, and slab leaks but may have limitations or exclusions. Water damage claims have become quite difficult to get approved in states like Florida due to time limits on reporting—because water damage can take time to show itself— but having our expert professionals assist you with filing can ease your burden.

Document Any and All Damage

Since some insurance policies have stipulations on how long after a storm you can file a claim, it’s imperative that you check for damage as soon as a severe storm has passed and you’re safe to do so. Most damage can be found around roof edges, chimneys, vents, flashing, caps, shingles, tiles, and dormer junctions. Though, some damage might be undetectable to an untrained eye, so an expert inspection is the best way to ensure your claim is filed correctly and accepted. Collect as much evidence as possible in photographs, videos, measurements, details about the event that caused the damage, and any other documents you can gather as proof for your claim.

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Don’t settle for poor resolutions, denied water damage claims, or ambiguous policy loopholes that prevent you from receiving the settlement you deserve. If you’re looking for an experienced water damage insurance claim adjuster in Miami, contact Mutual Claims Services to get help with your claim today! We offer free leak detection, free mold detection, free home inspections and free claim evaluation, and can help with various insurance claim needs— such as water, fire, smoke damage, flood, vandalism, collapse, leaks, fallen trees and more.