Every year the citizens of Florida are vulnerable to hurricane season. During this time, many homes are susceptible to flooding that can leave properties damaged. This is a busy time for flood insurance companies. Mutual Claims Services are experts in flood insurance Florida. We specialize in hurricane insurance claims specifically for Miami. Dealing with these claims can be stressful and at times overwhelming. We are hoping to make these situations easier.


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Think of powerful storms like Michael, Irma, Charlie, and Matthew, these storms caused devastating damage to many properties across the state. When you look back at these catastrophes, many are left with many bad memories. For those who have flood insurance, we encourage you to review and pay close attention to your flood policy terms and conditions. The policies issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are unique because they fall under a Federal Government program with its own rules and regulations. Keep in mind that many private insurance companies resell and administer the NFIP policies.  So make sure you confirm if your flood policy falls under this program. We are experts on hurricane insurance claims, so you can trust out professionals.


Flood Insurance Florida

Let us explain the difference between a flood event and a water loss. This is important when it comes to insurance policies. The steps property owners take to comply with their insurance policies in regards to their property and flood claims can have a significant impact on how much they will receive and under what policy the loss will be covered.


If a hurricane blows your roof off or breaks your windows and water enters your home, you have a water loss claim. Examples can also include broken water lines, water that overflows from appliances, a hot water break, a ruptured ice maker, etc. These situations usually have to be sudden and accidental. for those who are covered for a water loss, a common mistake insured policyholders often make is to report them like a flood loss. While seemingly a flood to the policyholder, reporting a water loss as a flood is a sure bet to get you off to a wrong start with your property insurer.


As for a flood event, in order for it to be covered, they need to meet the following conditions: “A flood is a general temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.” A flood loss occurs when water originates from outside a building or home. Generally, a flood loss results from rising water. However, If this water enters the building, it will not be covered under most standard insurance property policy forms.


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You need an expert in flood insurance Florida. Experts put the importance of knowing what kind of settlement you want at the top of the list. This amount will come from the review of your insurance policy, receipts and other documentation which backs up your claim. When it comes to getting the compensation you need for flood damage. We have you covered. It does not matter if you already filed the claim, we know exactly how to reopen it. You can trust our water damage Miami experts. We also have all the homeowner’s insurance claims process information you need to get the money to cover all your losses. Trust us to get you the water damage insurance claim you deserve. Call or visit Mutual Claims Services today for advice on hurricane insurance claims.