Did you recently get into an accident and are worried that you may get ripped off when it comes to your settlement? What if we told you that the experts at Mutual Claims Services are here to make sure that you get the most money back? We are here to help with insurance claim. When it comes down to it, we are the best public adjuster Miami has to offer.


Let Us Deal With It

Most homeowners aren’t experts at dealing with insurance companies, initiating a claim or negotiating insurance claims. Typical homeowners only ever have to make one or two major insurance claims – if any. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to help negotiate the best settlement with your insurance claims adjuster and make sure that you are fully paid for all of your property damages, even if you’re a complete beginner.


Our Tips to Help With Insurance Claim

  • Make sure it is in your best interest
    • Your home insurance premiums will likely increase after you file a home insurance claim. In many states, you can expect premiums to jump anywhere from 15% to 30% after a single home insurance claim. Because of these higher premiums, it may not be in your best interest to file a home insurance claim for ‘incidental’ incidents. Home insurance companies call small home insurance claims ‘incidentals’. These claims will raise your premiums just like a larger claim, but they’re relatively minor problems.
  • Read over your entire policy
    • Most homeowners don’t have expert knowledge of their home insurance policies. You might have a basic understanding of your home insurance coverage, including what’s covered and what isn’t. But your insurance contract has plenty of fine print that can cause your claim to be denied or underpaid if certain items are excluded in your policy language. Read your policy after an incident before you make a claim. Negotiations with your insurance company are easier when you’re well-prepared. Check your policy for specific sections governing your latest incident – like a section on flood damage or wind damage.
  • Get an insurance inspection with our public adjuster Miami
    • Your insurance company might calculate a repair estimate in a different way than other parties. After you file a claim, an insurance company adjuster will arrive at your property to assess the damage. Sometimes, the insurance company might claim it will only cost $10,000 to repair your water-damaged flooring when in reality, it’s going to cost $20,000 from any local contractor. So you may need to be prepared with how to respond to a low settlement offer.


Call The Best Public Adjuster Miami has to Offer

You need an expert for help with insurance claim. Experts put the importance of knowing what kind of settlement you want at the top of the list. This amount will come from the review of your insurance policy, receipts and other documentation which backs up your claim. When it comes to getting the compensation you need for flood damage. We have you covered. It does not matter if you already filed the claim, we know exactly how to reopen it. You can trust our water damage Miami experts. We also have all the homeowner’s insurance claims process information you need to get the money to cover all your losses. Trust us to get you the water damage insurance claim you deserve. Call or visit Mutual Claims Services today.