Hurricane / Tornado / Windstorm Damage

Wind damage claims often arise from damage to a building or structure after the occurrence of a hurricane or tornado. Damage resulting from wind or windstorms can include roof damage, damage to trees and landscaping, and damage to siding or other structural damage.

Hurricanes, windstorms, and tornadoes cause several different types of damages. These damages can include roof damage and ceiling damage, water damage and flood damage and in some cases mold damage. Mitigation of property damage prevents further damage to the foundation of the structure and secure highest settlement for your claim. Windstorm Policy, however, only covers damage directly related to hurricanes, windstorms, and tornadoes. Floods, and mold damages aren’t covered in the Windstorm Policy.

​If you are aware of a strong wind storm coming to your area, be sure to take shelter immediately and to tune in to weather forecasts and bulletins issued by the National Weather Service or local TV and radio stations. Other ways you can prepare include shuttering windows securely, bracing outside doors, and bringing in all unsecured objects from outside your home that can blow away and cause damage or injury. Once the storm has passed, call Mutual Claims Services. We will perform a free inspection and get your claim started. We will deal with the headaches, so you can deal with your family’s needs.

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