It is easy to feel helpless if you’ve experienced a denial from your insurance company especially if it’s after hurricane insurance claims. However, it’s important to know if you received a denial letter or less than money than what you think you deserve you aren’t helpless or out of luck. Mutual Claims Service in Miami wants to make sure that you know you have options. Keep reading to find out how you can handle this stressful situation!


The Best Way To Handle An Insurance Dispute

Handling hurricane insurance claims or any type of homeowner claims can be an overwhelming thing to deal with. It becomes even worse when there are discrepancies over the cost repairs from damages or a loss. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d like so it’s critical that you know how to handle it and the steps you should take. For insurance companies, it is most beneficial for them to pay as little as possible in claims because it directly affects their profit and the cost of premiums, but for you, it is most beneficial to get as much money as possible from your claim. Things can get a bit hectic and frustrating when you both are after entirely different things. If you do however find yourself in this unfortunate situation and have been denied follow these steps to handle your dispute.


Your first step is always going to be to call your insurance company, but before you contact your agent or provider, you need to review the claim you first filed that got denied. When you’re looking over it again, you want to check to see if there is any way you can improve it for quality of evidence. This can have a significant impact on whether or not they deny or approve a claim. For instance, if you originally only submitted one photo maybe you should consider having more photos ready to submit to prove and strengthen your case. Having things like photos, videos, repair estimate, and receipts can potentially make or break your case. Especially if you are disputing a decision, they made. After you review the claim call your agent or the claims department of your insurance provider. You want to talk with them about how you don’t agree with the decision that was made about your claim (whether it was denied or the estimate is just lower than you thought) and ask if it can be reviewed again. Remember, it is important to keep in mind that an adjuster was responsible for the decision being made not the person you are talking to so even though it’s easy to get caught up in your emotions be polite to them you will get a lot further.


If you’re filing the dispute because you think the insurance company gave you much less than you deserve you may want to consider hiring your own appraiser or home insurance adjuster to get your own estimate. A private appraiser or insurance adjuster will cost roughly between $200-$500 depending on how far they need to travel to get to your site.


If things don’t get settled after you get your own appraisal than it may be time to hire an attorney, although it is very rare that disputes get to this stage.


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