You have a number of responsibilities as an insurance policyholder that you need to make sure you are aware of before filing hurricane insurance claims or any other type of loss or damage. Mutual Claims Services in Miami wants to make sure that you have all of the information you need to handle the claims process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Making sure you know your duties and responsibilities will ensure that your insurance provider can’t blame you for any delays or denials.


Know Your Responsibilities As An Insurance Policyholder

When you sign any type of contract you are making an agreement with the other party involved, it is no different with an insurance company. The minute you sign a contract to work with them you are agreeing to meet certain requirements when filing hurricane insurance claims or any other claim that may come up. Although a majority of the work is left on your insurance provider as the policyholder, there are certain requirements you are required to meet in the event that a loss occurs. There are things like giving prompt notice of damage and contacting police if necessary that have to be done in order for the insurance company to start their half of the agreement. You also need to make sure you are documenting and keeping track of proof of loss and damage explaining in detail what happened and what the effects were. Failing to meet these requirements and duties can lead to your claim getting denied.


Although specific requirements and duties vary depending on which insurance company you have a policy with there are typically ones that usually every insurance company holds their policyholders to.

  • You must give quick notice of loss and damage to your insurance agents.
  • You have to call and notify law enforcement if there is a loss or damage caused by theft or another crime. The insurance company will ask for a copy of the police report.
  • You must take steps to ensure your property is protected from future damages. This means you have made any necessary repairs while simultaneously keeping a running record of any damages and repair expenses that you endured. This includes any costs that you had because of work you did or work you had a professional do.
  • You have to be cooperative with the insurance company while they are conducting their investigation for the claim. This means cooperating with any adjusters that are sent to assess the damage, loss, or any other aspects of your claim.
  • It is your responsibility to prepare and provide an inventory of any personal property that was damaged or lost. The inventory must include the quantity, description, and actual cash value. The insurance company may ask for bills or receipts that relate to the lost items.
  • You have to show allow the insurance company access to the damaged property as often as they required during the claims process.
  • You must provide any records or documents the insurance provider request and allow them to make and keep copies of anything they need.
  • An insurance company will require you to submit a sworn proof of loss document within sixty days of their request.


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