Property Damage

Property Damage

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will cover damage caused by wind, fire, and lightning. If your home is destroyed by a fire, then the insurance company needs to pay to build you a new home. A typical insurance policy will also pay to replace or repair anything inside that home that may have been damaged by flames, smoke, soot, ash, and other byproducts of the fire.

Smoke damage is nasty and can affect virtually everything in your home. Many of your possessions and furniture may need to be discarded – even if they don’t look badly damaged. Your walls may be stained black, for example. Floors and carpeting may be permanently ruined with soot. Even your ceilings could turn an ugly shade of black. Upholstery, drapes, clothing, and family heirlooms can all suffer damage.​​ Your insurance company’s sole purpose is to pay, within the law, the minimum required to get you to release your claim.

Is your fire insurance provider denying your smoke damage claim? Some claims clearly deny coverage for smoke damage. Others, however, are ambiguous. If your home experienced thousands of dollars in smoke damage, then it’s in your best interest to contact Mutual Claims Services.

Remember: smoke damage can have lifelong effects on the health of your family. Contact a public adjuster today.

Damage to a commercial property can result in severe income losses. A commercial property damaged by fire, water, flood, hurricane, tornado, vandalism and even mechanical or electrical breakdown adversely impacts business and the people associated with it. Insured properties have the right to make a claim and be duly compensated for the damages and business interruption. Filing for a commercial insurance claim needs to be done without any delays – businesses obviously cannot afford loss of earnings for long.

​Filing for insurance claims can be a very complex and daunting task, especially in times when commercial property owners are already disturbed by the losses to their properties. Mutual Claims Services will work to make the claims process a simple and stress-free experience. Our team of professionals, offer full-fledged support in terms of loss analysis, estimating, negotiating and documentation for insurance and liaising with insurance company to procure the best possible settlement outcome for all of the damages caused to the commercial property.

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