If your property or business has sustained damage in a natural disaster or any other kind of catastrophe, there is generally a series of steps in order to claim financial compensation for the assets that you have insured and lost. The process of filing a claim with your insurance company is rarely straightforward, and in many cases policyholders end up having to negotiate extensively with their insurers to prove the cause and extent of the damage that has occured in order to retrieve the compensation insurance has promised them. This means not only many inconveniences while waiting for your property to be repaired, but also a lot of time and stress spent. Hiring a public adjuster or an attorney can help make the process go more smoothly and save you a lot of stress. However, they play different roles, and understanding exactly what each one can do for you is important in making the right decisions moving forward in a property damage claim. Mutual Claims Services in Miami is a public adjuster Florida residents trust. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation!

An Insurance Attorney Versus a Public Adjuster

Your insurer’s interests and your interests are directly competing in an insurance negotiation. Even if you have paid your premiums on time for many years, and stuck to the terms of your policy, your insurer will still try to get the better end of the business deal. Following a filed claim, the insurance company will send their own representative to assess the damage, devalue the claim, and recommend a settlement that is generally fairly low. It’s important for policyholders to have someone on their side who understands the complicated process to examine the evidence and interpret the policy. A public adjuster and an insurance attorney play different roles. An insurance adjuster is a licensed professional who specializes in the preparation of insurance claims and helps you estimate more accurate repair or replacement values and helps you evaluate your insurance policy. They tend to come in at the start of a property damage claim, and charge clients on a contingency fee basis where they want to recover as much money for you as possible, since they are paid with a percentage of the funds he recovers for the client.

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While an attorney is able to provide many similar services as a public adjuster, an attorney able to legally negotiate with and file a lawsuit against your insurer. This is because most states do not let public adjusters to directly negotiate claims, so they tend to play more of an advising role to help you realize the value of the compensation you deserve. In order to move forward with your claim, it is necessary to hire an attorney for potential litigation.

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In the case that you are filing a property damage claim, you will want to at least bring an insurance adjuster onboard in order to figure out exactly what the insurance company owes you. Mutual Claims Services in Miami is a public adjuster Florida residents can rely on. Call us today to file your claim!