Dealing with damage from water is never fun. This can get very costly very if you don’t take the proper precautions. At Mutual Claims Services, we offer a public insurance adjuster who will get you more money you deserve. We are the best choice when it comes to a water damage insurance claim. Located in Miami, we are here for you!


Insurance Companies Are Not Your Side

An insurance company will never voluntarily pay more than an amount claimed by a policyholder. So if you suffer a loss, the scope of damages needs to account for everything needed to restore the property to “uniform and consistent” appearance. That is where licensed public adjusters can really prove their worth—using their extensive knowledge and experience to include claim elements that may not appear obvious to the untrained eye.


An insurance company will not likely say, “Oh, you forgot to include this.” Homeowners typically are not building contractors, so how will you know what to look for and include in the claim and ensure a uniform and consistent restoration. That is where we come in.


For example, a recent case involved a water leak in a kitchen appliance that damaged the hardwood floor with subsequent leakage into a finished basement. The obvious damage was to the floor, subfloor, basement ceiling, and walls. The insurance company’s claims adjuster noted all this, added up estimated repair and replacement cost and offered a settlement amount to the homeowner, who had a Homeowners insurance policy providing replacement cost coverage.


Our Public Insurance Adjuster Will Get Everything Covered

Public Adjusters are experts on property loss estimating and are hired by the policyholder to assist in documenting, negotiating and settling insurance claims. Public Adjusters handle every aspect of your claim from beginning to end, working closely with the insurance company to provide you with the most equitable and prompt settlement.


The license requirements for public adjusters can change for each state, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While some states have fewer regulations, others hold lengthy processes such as graduation from a specific education program and passing an examination. Continuing education is generally a requirement to maintain a state license. Communication and math skills are general job requirements for public adjusters, and as clients rely on public adjusters to get the job done, they must be able to be assertive and persistent in order to figure out the actualities of a claims case.

Mutual Claims Services doesn’t sit around to see how your insurance company reacts to your claim. Instead, we directly engage them and work hard, on your behalf, to get you exactly what you are entitled to.


Call For A Water Damage Insurance Claim

You need an expert public insurance adjuster. Experts put the importance of knowing what kind of settlement you want at the top of the list. This amount will come from the review of your insurance policy, receipts and other documentation which backs up your claim. When it comes to getting the compensation you need for flood damage. We have you covered. It does not matter if you already filed the claim, we know exactly how to reopen it. You can trust our water damage Miami experts. We also have all the homeowner’s insurance claims process information you need to get the money to cover all your losses. Trust us to get you the water damage insurance claim you deserve. Call or visit Mutual Claims Services today for advice on hurricane insurance claims.