Living in a sunny area like Miami comes with its perks, but it also comes with some disadvantages. Like the likelihood that at some point you will face some severe weather. It may just be a terrible rainstorm, or it could turn into a hurricane, but the truth of the matter is that it is inevitable. Things can get even worse fast when you find out that with that severe storm came damage to your roof. Filing a roof insurance claim can be tricky, especially when you don’t have all of the knowledge you need to put in a complete claim. For many people insurance claims are a lot of work there is a ton of back and forth with the insurance company, and it is very easy to get frustrated and want to give up, but this is when insurance companies will low ball their settlement offers or completely deny coverage because you are just so tired of the process. This is why it’s always a good idea to have someone on your side you can help you navigate through this process and take some of the burden off of you. Mutual Claims Service is a top company that can provide you the service of a public adjuster Miami. The job of the adjuster is to help you better understand what goes into filing a claim and how to get the most back from the insurance provider.


Tips On Filing A Roof Insurance Claim

Let’s be honest; not everyone is going to want to hire a public adjuster Miami when something happens to their home. Part of the reason is that they’re afraid of the cost that they will need to pay to have them on their side. However, it’s a smart idea to sit down and speak with someone and find out what your options are because you never know what loopholes they can help you find!

  • Find out what your policy cover: The fastest way to find out what is covered in your policy is to go straight to the source, your insurance company. Some policies take the age of your roof it to consideration at the time it is damaged. This means if your roof is less than ten years old you may be covered for the full cost of damages regardless of whether or not it needs to be replaced. However, if your roof is older than that, then there is a good chance you will only get some if any of the money to cover the repairs. There are also other ways your roof may be included in your policy. For example, so companies may offer to cover up to the depreciated value of your roof or just cover to repair the sections that were damaged.


  • Provide documentation: Proof will get you everywhere in life! Insurance claims are no different. Make sure that you take a set of “before” pictures of your roof and exterior property when the damage is done. Do not do any cleanup or maintenance before these are taken! You want to be able to send them into your insurance company once you file your claim. As repairs get done, take new sets of photos, so you have those to show them as well.


  • Pick a contractor with insurance expertise: Many contractors work solely on insurance claim projects. Before the insurance company agrees to pay anything they are going to require you to get an estimate from a professional contractor. Make sure that the person you choose has experience dealing with insurance companies because the process can be pretty drawn out so if you have someone who already understands that it can eliminate some stress from you. They will also be more aware of how the system works and the best way to get things covered by the insurance provider.


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