Winter has officially made an entrance and with this season comes colder temperatures which can cause pipes to freeze and break. Even in the Miami area temperatures can drastically dip causing a deep freeze and eventually water damage in your home. If this is a concern you’re worried about the first step you need to take is talking to an expert. It is almost impossible to come up with a plan to avoid this situation on your own you need to rely on an expert. Mutual Claims Services can assign a public adjuster Miami locals trust to help you understand how this situation can occur and how to prevent it from happening to you.


Water Damage Caused By Deep Freeze and Broken Pipes

According to experts, a historic deep freeze is set to make its way through the United States this year along with intense wind chills. With this weather comes the chance of your pipes freezing and bursting. This can lead to a number of leaks and problems for homeowners. If you’re not sure how to handle a situation like this, there are a few pieces of advice a public adjuster Miami natives trust can give you to make sure you know what to do if you find any of these problems in your home.


When ice and snow begin to melt from a deep freeze, there will be a large amount of water that has the potential to cause damage to your home. If you don’t see immediate damage, it is critical that you don’t just assume there is nothing hidden behind the walls or roof. Not all damage will present itself as a leak or a sudden gush of water it can be more “invisible” and affecting things like the structure of your home. If you suspect you might have suffered damage due to a deep freeze you should look over your insurance policy to make sure this is something that would be covered under it.


Structural damage from severe cold weather, ice, and snow won’t always be something you can see with the naked eye. Even when the snow and ice are gone your roof and home may appear normal. However, it’s possible to have a structure collapse even months after the deep freeze has come and gone. The cause of the damage may not have been caused solely by the excess cold and could have been developing for a while and just made worse by the weight of the weather.


The key to keeping these situations at bay is taking preventative measures. One of those is to have an inspection done by reputable professionals to ensure the structure of your house is in good condition before any weathering occurs. If anything is found to be structurally wrong, this will give you the opportunity to fix it before it becomes a bigger issue. Also, making sure you have a licensed water damage company on call for a quick clean-up in case something should happen is an excellent thing to do in your prevention plan.


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