Your home recently got water damage. This is never a fun situation to deal with. The most significant stressor seems to always be whether or not your insurance will cover it. The team at Mutual Claims Services is here to help you with your water damage insurance claim. We want you to be fully aware when you can claim water damage coverages on home insurance. We are the experts on water damage Miami residents can trust.


It Is More Common Than You Think

Water damage is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims, believe it or not. According to ISO, Water damage claims are the second largest frequent insurance claim, following wind and hail damage. The percentage of claims due to water damage is also increasing, while other causes of damage have stayed fairly consistent or even decreased. It is no wonder people have a lot of questions about water damage and what is covered under your homeowner’s insurance, and why things, like “gradual damage” are not covered.


So, what are the different types of water damage? They are as follows:

  • Flood
  • Storm-related water damage
  • Sudden or accidental discharge
  • Sewer back up and overflow

If you are dealing with gradual water damage, such as leaking pipes overtime, seepage coming from cracks, or deteriorating parts of the rood, it is usually not covered by insurance.


What Is Covered In A Water Damage Insurance Claim?

There are some common questions people ask about what their home, condo or renter insurance covers, for water damage, here are a few of the most common questions:

  • Is a water leak covered by home insurance?
  • Is a leaking toilet covered by insurance?
  • Is water damage from a leaking roof covered by insurance?

The answer to whether these are covered or not depends on the source of the damage, the type of policy you have and if the water damage is accidental and sudden or gradual.


Avoid The Denial With These Tips

Maintain records of repairs and the professionals you have hired over the years to do maintenance. This may become very important in the event of a loss, and is good practice to keep as a homeowner.

Make sure you understand all the coverages on your policy and have a good understanding of the exclusions, as well as your responsibilities as a homeowner.

Do regular maintenance of your home every spring and fall to avoid surprises. Small repairs regularly will avoid large expenses.

Make sure you purchase the best insurance for your needs and inquire about extra coverages you can add that may be useful to you.


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You need an expert to help you with your water damage insurance claim. Experts put the importance of knowing what kind of settlement you want at the top of the list. This amount will come from the review of your insurance policy, receipts and other documentation which backs up your claim. When it comes to getting the compensation you need for flood damage. We have you covered. It does not matter if you already filed the claim, we know exactly how to reopen it. You can trust our water damage Miami experts. We also have all the homeowner’s insurance claims process information you need to get the money to cover all your losses. Trust us to get you the water damage insurance claim you deserve. Call or visit Mutual Claims Services today.